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Testimonials from Graduates of Advanced Instructor Training Course

First Workshop Participants 2007 

"When I first started teaching Tai Chi [TCA program], it became very clear to me very quickly that I didn’t know enough. I needed to know more about everything concerned about teaching, but I couldn’t find any course that suited my needs. Then I heard that Elva and Denis were offering a new Advanced Instructor Training course over a 12 month period. Lucky me, being isolated in rural New South Wales, I jumped at the opportunity. Best thing I ever did! This course is brimming with information, teaching methods, history of Tai Chi, seminars, discussion groups, teaching practice, legal obligations, practicals, assignments and lots of Duty of Care and safety. All of this is covered in detail in the workshop manuals and at the workshops. I could not have wished for anything better in all areas. … This is an exciting course, I recommend it to everyone who is already teaching or wishes to teach Tai Chi for Health. Your class will be interesting, informative and above all – Safe."  Cheryl Shirvington

"I am excited about your Tai Chi for Health Advanced Instructor Training book and I am very happy to support you. As a fifth Dan in Judo, as a Level 2 Coach and Judo Instructor accredited with the Australian Sports Commission and as having been awarded the Order of Australia medal and the Australian Sports Medal, I retired from active participation in Judo in early 2000 and began as a student with traditional Yang Style Tai Chi. Judo had been my life for forty three years, in one sport, with a lot of great memories, it was my life. Within a few years, I attended my first Tai Chi for Health Leader course in 2003 and began teaching the Tai Chi for Arthritis program. I now enjoy my Tai Chi, I love teaching and I am very particular that I teach Tai Chi in a traditional and Safe way. The Tai Chi for Health Advanced Instructor Training Course has helped me to obtain this goal. I believe there is a real need for this course in the Tai Chi community for the serious teachers wanting to teach competently and safely."  Janice Davis

"From the very first Advanced Instructors' Workshop, taken over twelve months, it was evident there was a high standard and the more I learned the more I realised there was so much more to learn. The twelve months Course was exciting as I enjoyed the learning, feeling my ability to teach and my confidence growing in leaps and bounds. In this Course there was not a subject uncovered in the workshops and assignments, with discussions, lots of teaching and performance practice. The quality of Tai Chi for both my students and my own has vastly improved which I believe is a huge benefit to my students’ wellbeing and quality of life. As a result, since completing the Advanced Instructor Training course, the classes have taken on a new dimension with numbers continuing to grow, enhancing their interest in Tai Chi as a health art."   Maureen Lee

"I am a Fitness Instructor who initially discovered Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) program and loved it and its benefits. I teach in rural Queensland and hence I don't have opportunities to go to a variety classes to broaden my skills and base of knowledge of healthy activity options. The Tai Chi for Health (TCH) Advanced Instructor Training course was a great chance for me to do that. TCH firstly was a lot of fun and secondly gave me a depth of knowledge and skills to strengthen my teaching, while giving me a chance as well to learn something for my own satisfaction. I have copious valuable notes in the manuals to refer to as the need arises and I feel well placed in the “safety of clients” as a result of the course. I know I am a better teacher of TCA/TCH having completed the course."  Lynelle Seiler

"After completing the Advanced Instructor training course, my level of teaching students has greatly improved. I feel my communication with my students has developed considerably and I am more able to help students to move their body gently to increase strength, flexibility and co-ordinate breathing with movement in a safe and positive manner. I now have a clear understanding about legal matters and ethics and I am continually aware of safety issues with my students. I have always enjoyed teaching Tai Chi but now I am more considerate and understand that each person is different. I am much more open to how they do their Tai Chi, how they can modify and feel happy about themselves."  Leon Davis

"Before the Advanced Instructor Training course, I used to only teach the movements without any understanding of so many things. But now the course has given me much more confidence in teaching and communicating with my students. I have increased my knowledge of the concept of co-ordination of mind and body and actually how to teach that. Also I am more aware of posture and alignment of joints and now have a much better understanding about breathing and energy flow. I have tuned into the physical barriers some of my students have and I can now see the pain signals. Teaching has become more meaningful for me and I feel much satisfaction in guiding them to find their own Tai Chi." Ann Davis

"Attending the workshops with Elva and Denis gives me the lift I need to continue with my Tai Chi. Learning, practicing and catching up with the other students and both Elva and Denis is a rewarding experience. All I learn I pass onto my students and between us we find a deeper and enriching understanding of our Tai Chi."  Kathryn Baker

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