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Tai Chi Dreaming & Australia Dreaming 
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Tai Chi for Health  - Making a Difference 
Extract from Tai Chi Dreaming: A Scientific Study

The overall aims of developing the Advanced Instructor Training Course for Tai Chi for Health are to provide:



  • Teaching expertise at a high level of competency for the Tai Chi for Health Instructor who is capable and confident in the delivery of a range of safe exercise programs in the local community

  • A basic understanding of necessary legal and ethical responsibilities of the Tai Chi for Health Instructor where the primary aim in a modern Duty of Care is - to do no harm

  • An in-depth knowledge of and performance training in Sun Style Tai Chi, a style of Tai Chi highly suitable for an extensive range of people who are interested in modern, Safe, Secular and Scientific exercise programs aimed at enhancing health, fitness and well-being

In the last few years, there has been a growing need in Australia for an advanced level of Instructor training in Tai Chi for Health, which offers a different and viable pathway from that of the traditional Tai Chi for Martial Arts Instructor training that exists at present.


Current Tai Chi for Health Leader and Instructor training programs do not offer graded levels of progression to become a Tai Chi for Health Instructor other than through the traditional Martial Arts approach of Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan, which specifies in Australia that you must complete the Level 1 Coaching course through the Australian Kung Fu & Wushu Federation (AKWF) before you can be called a Tai Chi Instructor.


Legally, however, anyone can call themselves an "Instructor" without any proper formal training and some people do just that leaving themselves, their students and others exposed and vulnerable to Duty of Care issues, and for some, the legal fine print of liability insurance and to other related legal and ethical matters.

We are unaware of any other similar course available within Australia or within the world as this training is specifically aimed at teaching how to teach TAI CHI FOR HEALTH, as a modern and effective form of exercise at an advanced level, and not teaching the martial art, Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan.


In Australia, this journey of discovery into Tai Chi for Health has already begun for those who have completed basic level of the Tai Chi for Arthritis Leader course and other similar courses offered by Dr Paul Lam (see Tai Chi Productions, 2009) and of the Tai Chi for Health & Falls Injury Prevention Instructor training program and other similar Tai Chi and Qigong courses offered by Alice Liping Yuan (see Exercise Medicine Australia, 2009). What is new with the Tai Chi for Health Advanced Instructor Training program is the extension of a teacher training focus from a basic level to advanced levels necessary for an independent, responsible and proficient Tai Chi for Health Instructor.

We believe it is an exciting and pioneering development in the world of Tai Chi for Health. Our view is that Tai Chi for Health should be about MAKING A DIFFERENCE through a holistic approach to a Safe, Secular and Scientific exercise program, and with this initiative we both feel we can make some small contribution to this end.

This book will also be a valuable resource for all Tai Chi students, not only those who are involved in teaching Tai Chi for Health, but also those who wish to better understand the historical, cultural and philosophical origins of a modern Tai Chi for Health. In addition, we hope that the ideas contained in this book will encourage others better positioned to develop Instructor Training courses and exercise programs based not only on other Tai Chi forms and styles but also on other Asian martial styles and forms.

Our approach is conceptually represented in the teaching dynamics of our Matrix of Performance where the emphasis throughout the course is not on “One Size Fits All” but in the modernisation processes of the Asian martial arts pioneered by Jigoro Kano and Sun Lutang, processes which promote safety factors, ethical, scientific and modern pedagogic principles in the transmission of knowledge about physical education.


Australia Dreaming: Tribute to the Ancestors - Elva's 15 Form Sun Style Qigong (7th edition) and

Tai Chi Dreaming: A Scientific Study of Tai Chi for Health (2nd edition)

are both now available in e-copy form - PLEASE ENQUIRE for details -


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