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We offer four separate Tai Chi for Health CLASSES

in the REDLANDS each week during the school term for



You can start ANYTIME, there is no need to wait for the beginning of the term.   


Also there are Tai Chi for Health WORKSHOPS suitable for all levels from BEGINNERS through to ADVANCED students. These workshops include Instructor/Leader training for those suitably qualified and interested in teaching Tai Chi for Health.  These classes and workshops include Sun, Yang and Chen Styles Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung).


Tai Chi Classes Redlands 


All new students begin with the Level One Tai Chi for Health program which includes the Sun Style short form specially designed for people of all ages and health conditions and for progression into higher levels and other styles of Tai Chi. 

Sun style tai chi has footwork patterns which make it relatively safe and simple for all students to establish the correct whole-body rhythm and alignment that is a signature of all tai chi styles.


• Relaxation and better health
• Qigong - deep breathing
• Importance of posture
• Balance training
• One-hour class with music

Tai Chi for Health improves balance, co-ordination, fitness, muscle strength, reduces stress and is well known to be beneficial for health and falls prevention..

Tai Chi Workshops



We are now offering Tai Chi for Health workshops from levels 1-5, the first level being suitable for BEGINNERS and for all people interested in learning Sun and/or Yang styles Tai Chi for Health

All two day workshop also includes an introduction to Elva's Sun Style Australia Dreaming 15 Form Qigong.

These workshops for Tai Chi for Health offer a modern, safe and secular alternative to Tai Chi Chuan practised as a Martial art and Combat form of Self Defence.

• All persons wishing to attend the workshop may do so on the understanding that their physical condition is fit to safely participate in this workshop. 

• Prior tai chi experience is not a prerequisite for attendance or for preparation as TCH Instructor from Level 1

• Participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

• Persons who wish to participate in TCH Instructor Training Program, however, must be suitably qualified and agree to certain requirements necessary for preparation – please see separate information.

Australia Dreaming

Australia & Tai Chi Dreaming




Tai Chi Dreaming is a valuable resource for all involved in teaching and learning Tai Chi for Health.  As the language of Tai Chi for the beginning student can be daunting, the book aims to de-mystify and empower the student to understand the generative power of yin-yang theory in relation to a “safe, secular and scientific” and modern approach to exercise, health and well-being.

The book includes an in-depth study of the Sun 73 Tai Chi Form with the focus on teaching and on how to be able to modify each form and movement using strategies which are safe and effective for a wide range of people. 

The book also provides a detailed description of the AUSTRALIA DREAMING: TRIBUTE TO OUR ANCESTORS Qigong set derived from Sun style Tai Chi first performed by Elva in the USA in 2003. Included in the book are drawings depicting the Australian landscape as a background to the Qigong set. These drawings have been specially created by Elva’s sister, the internationally recognised Australian Wildlife Artist, Gail Higgins