The Grand Ultimate

Gentle Way of Self Defence


- Tai Chi Chuan-Do -

Energy efficient INTERNAL Chinese Martial Arts style

utilising “push-pull” yielding principles and movements

based on circular flowing movement and even tempo,

making for harmony and balance.

In the immortal words of Lao Tzu:


"Nothing under heaven is softer or more yielding than water;

but when it attacks things that are hard and resistant,

there is not one of them that can prevail.

That the yielding conquers the resistant and

the soft conquers the hard is a fact known

by all men, yet utilized by none."

Tai Chi & Self Defence 




Tai Chi for Relaxation &

Self Defence Class


Monday -  6.00 pm to 7.00 pm by invitation only


This class focuses on form practice 

with a practical understanding of self defence

and is aimed at improving health, relaxation,

balance,co-ordination, reflex action, 

strength, stamina, flexibility and general fitness



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