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Modern Tai Chi Qigong for Health
Safe  Secular & Scientific
Tai Chi & Qigong for Health improves
balance, co-ordination, fitness, muscle strength, reduces stress and
is well known to be beneficial for health and falls prevention
Modern Focus - Safety, Scientific & Levels of Performance


MODERN FOCUS on health, fitness and well-being of individual student, on safe and effective form of exercise teaching short forms of Tai Chi for Health, and not on martial or combat performance as in traditional martial styles of Tai Chi Chuan.


• SAFETY – modern duty of care on health, fitness and capability levels of individual student – each student works at their own level

• SCIENTIFIC & SECULAR – gentle, safe, and effective form of exercise based on scientific or evidence-based reasoning and research

• LEVELS of PERFORMANCE - from beginners to advanced providing competency based standards for those who require a pathway to teaching Tai Chi for Health at advamced levels


Level 1 - Beginners level 


Prior Tai Chi experience is not a prerequisite for participating at this level:

• Sun Style 12 Form – Tai Chi for Arthritis
• Yang Style – 19 Form – Tai Chi for Diabetes
• Australia Dreaming Qigong – 15 Form
• Introduction to Tai Chi Fan – Sections 1-2

Level 2 - Beginners to Intermediate levels

Focussed practice of specific Tai Chi form with introduction of key tai chi for health principles:

•  Sun Style 31/40 Form -Tai Chi for Arthritis
• Yang Style – TCH& Falls Prevention - 11 Form
• Tai Chi Fan – Sections 1-3
• Yang 24 - Section 1

   Tai Chi for Energy – Sun  & Chen

• Australia Dreaming Qigong – 15 Form

• After completing levels 1-2, classes are available for Advanced forms - Yang 42, Chen 36 and Sun 73

Levels 3-5 - Intermediate to Advanced & Instructor levels


Extending understanding of Tai Chi for Health with advanced forms and an in-depth study of tai chi for health principles & concepts

Sun Style International 73 Form
• Yang Style Bejing 24 Form - Complete Sections 2&3
• Chen Style 36 Forms- includes Silk Reeling
• Yang 42 International Form
• Tai Chi Fan – all sections - 52 forms
• Australia Dreaming Qigong

Qigong - Relaxation  Silk Reeling


Qigong includes silk Reeling for Tai Chi for Health - Silk reeling exercises (Chan Si Gong) can be viewed as repetitive movements practiced in sets using simplified forms to enhance the spiralling character of the movements in a relaxed and safe manner.  Key terms for our purposes are –
• Relaxation
• Mind- body awareness
• Co-ordination

While there may be specific exercises found in the traditional Chen style of Tai Chi Chuan from where the term has been derived historically, it is important to understand that the concept of silk reeling or spiral force is something that can apply to all styles of Tai Chuan and especially to Tai Chi for Health where the focus is on improving health, fitness and wellbeing.

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