Qigong for Health 

Our MODERN approach

views Qigong (Chi Kung)

NOT as some mystical practice or cult,

but as ANY form of exercise,

controlled breathing and relaxation training

to work and develop skill through

mind-body focused energy

in order to promote

better health and wellbeing where

a  modern duty-of-care and 

safety are paramount.



of practising Qigong (Chi Kung)

assists in all aspects of participating

in our Tai Chi Qigong classes

in learning strategies of relaxing and



The spelling Tai Chi and Chi Kung

is the Wades Giles and

Taijiquan and Qigong

is the so-called phonetic Pinyin spelling. 

Gentle Way of
Chi Kung  (Qigong)

Extracted from Article - Gentle Way of Tai Chi Mirror Chi Kung- A Tribute to Jigoro Kano, Sun Lutang and Chojun Miyagi  © Australia Dreaming: Tribute to the Ancestors Elva Arthy & Dr Denis Arthy (6th Ed), 2019


Hooked on Speed


Don’t be a slave to any predetermined sequence.

Let the freestyle sequence of slow and controlled deflect anxiety and stress,

training your mind to find a rhythm and pattern that neutralizes anger and pain

reflected in the rear-view mirror of life.

Be motivated through the discipline of sustained effort, drills, repetition with focussed practice,

don’t become a victim to rage in life or on the road and hooked on speed.

Go with the flow, more power to you!!

Extracted from Article - Hooked on Speed  © Australia Dreaming: Tribute to the Ancestors Elva Arthy & Dr Denis Arthy (6th Ed), 2019

- Our Australia Dreaming -

We pay tribute and our respects

to all our ancestors,

to all those people who have contributed

towards the betterment

of the human condition,

be they leaders, elders,

men, women, and children,

mothers and fathers,

of all races and cultures,

ancient and modern,

past, present, and emerging

in Australia and elsewhere,

and to all those who value

the content of a person's character

and not the colour of their skin,

their identity or lineage