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AUSTRALIA / TAI CHI DREAMING is a valuable resource for the teaching and learning of Tai Chi for Health as a safe and effective form of exercise using modern teaching techniques in accordance with evidence based, secular and scientific reasoning and a curriculum graded from beginners to advanced levels of expertise.  The idea of a curriculum is not about grading the Tai Chi student who may never have any interest in teaching, but about developing levels of expertise and competence for teaching beyond a basic level for those who have no interest in pursuing the instructor training of the traditional Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan martial artist. 


In the delivery of Tai Chi & Qigong for Health exercise programs, we strongly believe that teaching expertise should be valued as an equal player with and parallel the development of practical skills and the focus on scientific research.  In Australia Dreaming, the emphasis is on learning to teach Tai Chi for Health as a safe and effective form of exercise in accordance with modern ethical and legal duty-of-care requirements which affirm evidence based and secular reasoning and a scientific understanding of health and wellness issues.  Our approach is conceptually represented in the teaching dynamics of our Matrix of Performance where the focus is not on a “One Size Fits All” but on the modernisation processes of the Asian martial arts pioneered by Professor Jigoro Kano and Master Sun Lutang, processes which promote safety factors, ethical, scientific and modern pedagogic principles in the transmission of knowledge about physical education.

We believe that our Australia / Tai Chi Dreaming is about making a difference to the quality of teaching and enhancing the capacity to learn.  It is a valuable resource readily accessible to not only the tai Chi teacher in search of better ways of teaching Tai Chi for Health exercise programs, but to anyone who is looking to make a difference to their own personal health, fitness and wellbeing through the “magic” and “miracle of a modern Tai Chi for Health as being understood in terms of evidence based reasoning and practiced within a modern duty-of-care.

 Tai Chi Dreaming is the second Edition of

Australia Dreaming: Tai Chi for Health Advanced Instructor Training Course ISBN 978-0-646-51095-8

first published in May 2009 in Cleveland Australia

Tai Chi Dreaming: A Scientific Study of Tai Chi for Health as Mind-Body Exercise for Health, Fitness & Wellbeing
ISBN 978-0-646-53323-0 Published in Cleveland Australia in June 2010 by Tai Chi for Health & Community Fitness

Australia Dreaming: Tribute to the Ancestors - Elva's 15 Form Sun Style Qigong (5th edition) and

Tai Chi Dreaming: A Scientific Study of Tai Chi for Health (2nd edition)

are both now available in e-copy form - PLEASE ENQUIRE for details -


Art Work for Australia Dreaming by Gail Higgins

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Tai Chi Dreaming

Tai Chi Dreaming and Australia Dreaming are resources of learning and teaching Tai Chi for Health

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