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Oku no Hosomichi - Travel Diary 2015

Moving Meditations of the Gentle Way  奥の細道  Louisa Creek North Qld 

The journey is a metaphor for understanding the Gentle Way by reflecting on Life's Journey, not simply one's own, but the journey of others. It is not an easy journey, it is not about sightseeing but keeping an open mind always with uncompromised moral integrity to experience, to learn by reflecting on the nature of history and culture, the culture and history of nature all transformed into memorable images and poetic reflections along the Gentle Way, the journey of discovery and insight of "Go with the Flow, more power to you". 


These are images of our own "Oku-no-Hosomichi" of the Gentle Way. 

Matsuo Basho wrote ‘Oku-no-Hosomichi’ which is sometimes translated as ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’ and is considered to be his masterpiece.  Matsuo Basho was the most famous Classical poet in Japan's Tokugawa period and is today recognised internationally as the haiku poet par excellence having resonance with meditative, reflective and existential practices of Zazen,

the Gentle Way and "Go with the flow, more power to you".

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